You are welcome to use the room for overnight stay from check in at 3 PM on arrival day until check out at 11 AM on the day of departure.

The reservation

You are responsible for checking that your booking is correct considering arrival / departure date and number of beds in the room. Your reservation is valid after payment has been completed.


We are a cash-free business.

Your booking has to be paid before arrival.  Choose whether you want to pay your reservation with card online (STRIPE) or by invoice.  It is also possible to pay with card in the reception at arrival. If the booking has been made through, their payment options apply.


You can cancel freely until two days before arrival. If you are arriving on January 3, you can cancel your booking until 23.59 on 1 January. For groups of more than 10 people and corporate bookings, other cancellation conditions apply.

Your obligations

You are obliged to take good care of the room and the buildings, and to follow our rules and instructions. You are responsible for any damage that occurs on the property and its fixtures as a result of you or someone in your company being negligent. Any mismanagement will be invoiced, amount depending on the extent of the damage. Contamination of the room and its equipment that requires thorough cleaning will be charged to the guest with a starting fee of SEK 1000. Please note that you are staying in historic heritage-listed buildings in an old fortress, we therefore ask you to be extra careful with this in mind.

You are not allowed to let more people stay in the room than has been agreed in your booking. This is also very important with regard to evacuation in the event of fire.

You are obliged to comply with the regulations regarding smoking bans that apply to the entire accommodation facility. The smoking ban applies to all smoking (including e-cigarettes) and applies in all indoor spaces, in connection with entrances and at the garden furniture. Smoking indoors is fined based on the extent of the damage, but at least SEK 5,000.

Pets are not allowed in the accommodation. We have no “pet rooms”.

Between 23:00 and 07:00, you are obliged to observe the utmost consideration and silence towards other guests. In general, it is important to show consideration and respect each other as there are many guests who stay in the houses at the same time. In the event of disruptive behavior or ruthlessness towards staff or other guests, Fästningens has the right to evict the guest. Drug and / or drug possession is reported directly to the police and the guest is evicted. No compensation is paid to a guest who has been evicted before the regular check-out date.

Check-in takes place no earlier than 3 pm unless otherwise agreed with the guest. Upon check-in, the guest must show a valid photo ID and all persons checking in must be 20 years of age or older. The exception is children who are allowed to check in with their parents. The accommodation can refuse a guest to check in if they are drunk, under the influence of drugs or behaving aggressively. In these cases, Fästningens has no responsibility to compensate the guest or find other accommodation for the guest.

You are required to return the room key no later than 11.00 on the day of departure. Lost key is charged to the guest with SEK 1500.

Fästningens has the right to evict the guest if these booking conditions are not respected.


Errors that occur during your stay should be promptly reported to our reception or to our phone (+46 340-69 24 69) so that we have an opportunity to rectify the problem. If you submit complaints after your stay with us, you will therefore not be compensated. If you have any views and ideas you are welcome to send this to


When staying in the hostel (the old prison), any dishes must be washed up and put back in the kitchen cupboards. When staying in house 10 or house 13 (B&B-rooms), you can put any dishes on the tray trolley in the breakfast service. 

Room cleaning (normal) is included in all bookings.


The responsible landlord is Fästningens rum vid havet. We are obliged to give you a written confirmation of your booking and to inform you about payment options. We will also inform you how you get access to your room key and provide other important information about your booking such as the above booking conditions.