Cold bath package

Varberg has a long history as a health resort and of bathing all year round. Have a wonderful stay in Varberg and a wonderful bathing experience at the historic Kallbadhuset, which is located just below the fortress. Enjoy a comfortable sauna overlooking the sea and have a cooling salty dip with a wonderful scrub with Pink Salt Soap or moisturizing Green clay and Lemongrass from Anna’s Eko. Then sleep comfortably in the relaxing historic fortress environment.

The bath package can be booked together with any room and contains:

  • Entrance to Kallbadhuset
  • Organic soap from Anna’s Eko
  • Extra bath towel to borrow for the bath
  • Earlier check-in, from 14
Fästningens rum vid havet Kallbadhuset

At Kallbadhuset nude bath apply in both sauna and sea and they have a section for ladies and one for men. The cold bath house is open Wed, Fri, Sat and Sun, but they can vary depending on, for example, public holidays. Please visit for more information about their opening hours before you place your booking.

Welcome to book the Bathing Package on our website. You can also contact us by phone or e-mail for booking.