Visit Varberg – the small town by the sea

Varberg is an exciting and beautiful place to visit. It is characterized by its history and magnificent location by the sea. Enjoy sandy beaches, surfing, sea fishing and hiking in beautiful beech forests. Varberg has several popular sights and experiences and below we suggest some of them. At there are more to get inspired by.

Bath, spa and surf

In Varberg, people are bathing all year round and the city has a long history as a health resort. Enjoy beautiful summer days by the sea. Experience healthy cold baths with or without a sauna, or enjoy hot pools and treatments at one of the city’s many spa facilities. Just below the fortress there are lovely baths in the sea from sandy beach and jetties and here you also find the ancient Cold bath house, Kallbadhuset. A visit is highly recommended and gives you an invigorating sauna and bathing experience.

Many people travel to Varberg to surf. In the south of Varberg you have surfer´s paradise Apelviken, which is a unique experience. Here you can rent a board and go surfing in the waves, or you can just relax on the big sandy beach or chill out at some of the many beach restaurants. For the experienced surfer there is also a good surf spot just below the fortress.

Photo spa: N. Greppi, photo surf: E. Rusch

Bike and hike

By bike you can experience more of Varberg whilst absorbing the lovely nature up-close, getting excercise and travelling climate-smart. Many of our guests go biking along the “Kattegattleden”, the seafront cycle path between Gothenburg and Helsingborg. In Varberg you can rent a bike and take a day trip along the beautiful coast.

Just below Varberg fortress the beach promenade starts and winds along the sea all the way south to surfers paradise Apelviken. It is a beautiful path and it’s lovely to walk here, especially in early morning or at sunset. Along the promenade there are many nice bathing spots.

For an active day trip in the beautiful forests of Halland we recommend a trip to Åkulla beech forest, which is located about 25 kilometers from Varberg. Here you will find scenic hiking trails among the many lakes. Map of the trails you can find here.

Sea fishing trip

The steady touring fishing boats take you out to the sea fishing banks Fladen and Middlegrund. This is an active day trip for the whole family. The fishing trip starts from Varberg harbour, close nearby to the fortress. Book your fishing trip at or

Culture and history

Varberg fortress is one of Varberg’s most popular sights. Dating back to the middle ages and with a breathtaking view over the sea horizon, the fortress is a unique place. Learn more about Varberg fortress and experience this mighty place when you visit us in Varberg.

At the top of Varberg fortress is the Halland Museum of Cultural History. At the museum you will meet northern Europe’s most spectacular medieval find – the Bocksten man, a well preserved moss corpse from the 14th century. The museum also arranges guided tours of both the fortress and the various exhibitions. When you stay with us during autumn and spring, free admission to the museum is included in your booking.

Photo fortress: E. Rusch, photo Bocksten man: C. Sandelin