The tourism industry has an important part in the work for sustainable travel. Our goal at Fästningens is that a stay with us will have as little impact on the climate and environment as possible. Therefore we will economize on resources and work with better utilization, reuse and recycle.

What we do

  • We sort all packaging material from the accommodation.
  • We are working to minimize food waste from our breakfast buffé. Left-overs are always sorted out in the compost bin. Varberg municipality collects the food waste and uses it for biogas and biofertilazation.
  • We offer a well-balanced choice at our breakfast buffé. If you take a piece from everything in the buffé it will be a normal sized breakfast and there will be minimal food waste. For less climate impact we serve a lot of vegan products in our buffé, eg soy yoghurt, oat milk, vegan spread, vegan slices and plant based butter.
  • We have minimized any use of disposable packaging at our premises.
  • Our cleaning agents and industrial detergent for the dishwashers are eco-labelled with the Nordic Swan “Svanen” or with EU Ecolabel. The laundry detergent we use is eco-labelled with the Swedish “Good environmental choice”.
  • We order all bed linen and towels to the guest rooms from a local eco-labelled laundry.
  • Paper towels, toilet paper, printer paper etc are all eco-labelled.
  • We have chosen an electricity supplier who only offers electricity from sustainable energy sources such as wind, sun and water.
  • Our staff are biking or walking to work, with occasional exceptions for seasonal staff.
  • We continuously replace all light sources with LED lighting.
  • We encourage our guests to choose sustainable transport during their travel. Many of our guests travel by bike and train.
  • We often offer multi-day discount to encourage our guests to book more than just a single night. This can reduce the environmental impact from cleaning and washing.
  • We offer holiday work for the youths in Varberg.
  • We participate in cleaning of the local beaches.

How can I contribute as a guest?

  • Choose sustainable transport during your travel.
  • Contribute to our packaging sorting by placing plastic, glass, paper and metal packaging from your room into special containers placed at the accommodation.
  • You can choose vegan products at the breakfast buffe´ for a reduced climate impact.
  • You can book more than one night´s stay to help us reduce the environmental impact from cleaning and washing.
  • If you have further ideas that can contribute to our sustainability work we gratefully accept your suggestions.